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Header Approved | Whats the Next Step?


After getting approval for the Header/Sender Id from any of the operators and still your SMS  is not getting delivered with the DLT approved Header (Sender Id), the reasons can be one of the mentioned:

1. Once the Header is approved on any one of the DLT platforms, it takes 24-36 hrs to get synced with the Common Operator Platform. Once synced, you can use the DLT Approved Headers to send your SMS.

2. If your SMS is still not getting delivered from DLT approved Header, you might be passing different Header in the API. Here you need to change the Sender value in API. 

a. If you are using the older version of API, you need to change the sender parameter value in the backend API configuration.

b. If you are using the new version of API with FLOW, you need to login to the ResellerSMS dashboard and follow the below steps. 

     --> Open the FLOW and API section. 

     --> Open one API option. 

     --> In the FLOW you will find edit option to update your DLT approved Header (Sender Id). 

Note: If you are not getting Header (Sender Id) in the list of 'choose Sender Id' then you need to add your Sender Id into the account first, refer the link-

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