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Entity Registration | DLT

We have all the Operators, but for DLT Registration, we recommend Videocon and Jio, as they are Fast and Free for our clients. Kindly apply on all three simultaneously, so that you can get the Header Approved on at least one of them and then your SMS will not be impacted. 

Entity Registration Process for PingConnect and SmartPing (Videocon): 

1. Signup Link:  and  (NO need to pay Rs 5900; click OK on Rs 5900 popup; we will arrange a fee waiver for you)

2.  Documents for PingConnect and SmartPing: Like PAN, GST, Proof of Identity, Proof of Address 

3.  Authorization Letter for PingConnect and SmartPing: This is a letter on company's letter head, where the Director or Owner of the Company will Authorize the person doing this Registration. (Sample Authorization Letter- Download) (In case the Director or Owner himself is doing this Registration, he needs to upload a document that shows he is the Director (MoA or GST). 

4.  Payment for PingConnect and SmartPing: Type 00 in the payment option. 

5.  Verification: You will get OTP on Mobile Number and Verification Link on Registered Email Id. Post Email Verification, Kindly share these details on and we will request the Telecom Operator to approve your application at the earliest- Organization Name, Registered Mail Id, Application Number.
(If you are unable to find the Verification Link, search for an email from (Also check the SPAM and Email Firewall). If you still failed to find the Email, kindly share Organization Name, Registered Email Id and your concern to

6. Share Details: Once Mobile and Email is Verified successfully, kindly share these details and we will request the Telecom Operator (Videocon) to approve your application at the earliest:
Organization Name:
Registered Mail Id:
DLT Platform Name:
Application Number:
Entity or Telemarketer: 
Date of Application:

6.  Login Credentials: Approval will take around 2-3 days and then you will get an Entity Id and Login Credentials on the Registered Email Id by Telecom Operator. 

7.  Post Login: Kindly login and apply your Header (Sender Id) → Help Doc

8. Test SMS: Once the Header is approved on any one of the DLT platforms, it will be automatically synced with the Common Operator Platform in around 24-36 hrs. Once synced, your SMS will start getting delivered from your approved Header. If after 36 hrs, your SMS is not getting delivered from the approved Header, kindly drop an Email to

Help Doc: PingConnect and SmartPing User Manual for Entity/Company Registration- Process.



Entity Registration Process for Reliance Jio: 

1. Signup Link:

2. Form Filling: Fill the form and upload the required documents.

3. Form Submission: Submit the application and you will get the approval in a day or two.

4. Headers Registration: Once registration is approved, kindly login and add your Headers (Sender ID) and it will be approved in a day or two.

5. Test SMS: Once Header is approved on DLT platform, it will be synced on Global Platform in around 24 hrs and you will then be able to use your Header for sending SMS. If your SMS is not getting delivered from your Header even after 24 hrs from Header approval time, kindly drop an Email to

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