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Key Features of Bulk SMS

Powerful Dashboard

You can view your current, past and complete statistics here.

Select Language

You can select English language for English message Or Unicode language for other language message. 

High Speed

We offer you the liberty to transmit 1 crore TPS (Transaction Per Second) to your target audience.

Upload a Contact List

Create contact list and upload file of your prospects (.csv format).

Delivery Report

Check confirmation of each sent SMS in SMS Delivery report

Customized SMS

Send SMS with customized details like balance dues etc.

Free API Integration

Integrate SMS API in your software, pay only for credits.

Search Filter

Everything is searchable in SMS application. To narrow down the scope of your search, filter your report by clicking on search icon.

Large Push

Powerful panel is able to send more than 5 Million SMS in single campaign.

OVER 20,0000 Clients Across INDIA