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DLT Entity Process | Post Entity ID Received


Step 1: SmartPing

Once your Entity is Registered on SmartPing and you got Entity ID, then you have to Add ResellerSMS as TeleMarketer:Go to “TeleMarketer Request” in the left menu of SmartPing and add ResellerSMS Telemarketer ID (1602100000000013386). 

If you have not Registered on SmartPing, kindly register at SmartPing, V-con (SmartPing)- (No need to pay extra, if you already go Entity ID)

Process for KYC on SmartPing:

Click → As Entity

Click on New Registration→ Signup

Select>> Enroll Entity >> Fill your Entity ID, then fill in all the asked details with documents.


Step 2: BSNL KYC

Once you have Registered at SmartPing and added ResellerSMS as TeleMarketer, kindly do the KYC at BSNL as well. (No need to pay anything!)

Process for KYC on BSNL:

Choose Enterprise and click on next

Kindly fill your Entity ID here (How to find Entity Id on SmartPing portal >> Left panel >> Profile icon) and click on Verify and complete the KYC Process.

Step 3: Add TeleMarketer on VILPower:

Once Registration at BSNL is approved → Go to “TeleMarketer Request” in the left menu and add ResellerSMS Telemarketer ID (1402448390000014108).

Login into BSNL account >> click on → Telemarketer

Click→ ADD 

Add→ ResellerSMS >>  Telemarketer ID (1402448390000014108).

Step 4: Header Registration

 Once the Entity Registration is approved from both SmartPing  and BSNL, then add your HEADERS (Sender ID) by following the below steps:

  1. Header Approval Process on SmartPing →  HERE
  2. Header Approval Process on BSNL →  HERE

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