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OTP SMS APIs for Business.

Authenticate and verify your users

No Delay 

Don’t keep a customer waiting for any more than 8 seconds. Our OTP service ensures timely delivery.


99.9%* times your OTP will be delivered. For the remaining 0.1% times, when you request voice call, we bear the price.

How can businesses use OTP verification


Registrations with OTP verification. Add an extra layer of security to your website and apps, without increasing the complexity for users.

Transaction Authentication

Keep all transactions safe and sound. Add an additional fold of security with OTP verification to complete a transaction securely.


Be it account activation or deletion, use OTP verification to be sure that your customer data remains secure.

Prevention of spam

Instant verification allows you to stop spam registrations and avoid fake users from signing on.

Resetting password

Instead of sending codes or links via email, use the OTP service to verify users before password resets.

Passwordless logins

Users do not have to remember passwords and can simply be verified using OTP every time they log in.


OVER 20,0000 Clients Across INDIA